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The Art of Conversation, Rene Magritte - Meaning and Analysis

The Art of Conversation - Rene Magritte. Canvas, oil. 65 x 50 cm

Unlike many other surrealists, Rene Magritte attached great significance and paid increased attention to the titles of his own creations. He used to say, "names should be chosen in such a way that they do not provide any opportunity to place their own pictures in the field of the familiar."

The artist possessed the talent of fitting words into the framework of a flat canvas in a manner that one simple truth immediately became clear: nothing prevents us from giving different names to calling the same thing, because the ordinary combinations of sounds do not have enough weight for determining the essence of objects.

Magritte never talked too often talk about the things inspiring him. However, Rene used to describe the inspired stated as follows: "I can walk in the sky while being on earth." Inspiration is a state of lightness and sublimity.

“The Art of Conversation" contains the ability to spiritually uplift and enrich both companions. It is no coincidence that most part of the painting is occupied by the image of the sky, which is a symbol of infinity. The two men were walking along a narrow path somewhere far, to the rocky area on the horizon.

However, both of them were so carried away by their conversation, and the feeling of trust and lightness has settled in their souls so firmly, that they lost all track of time in its absolute entirety. It is ephemeral for them to the extent that the companions do not notice anything around them, even the fact that their feet have long been torn off the ground, and they continue their journey through the air. But does it really matter when you are walking next to the person whom you can trust like yourself?

The companions are just small figures on the painting, inferior even to the rocks visible on the horizon. But, paradoxically, they are carrying the semantic center of the composition...
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