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The Soul of the Rose, John William Waterhouse - Meaning and Analysis Painting

The Soul of the Rose - John William Waterhouse. Canvas, oil. 88.3 x 59.1 cm

Have a look at this beautiful and genuinely exquisite artistic masterpiece created by John William Waterhouse! The work titled "The Soul of a Rose" and painted in the style of Pre-Raphaelite and Romanticism, embraces the genre and literary scenes.

Another title for this canvas is "My sweet rose". It is full of light, love, and harmony of the Universe. The whole world got frozen in one wonderful moment, which the talented artist managed to capture on canvas so soulfully and touchingly. He worked hardly on this painting, which became one of his most successful creations. This is where the master of the brush embodied his perfect woman: sensual, romantic, refined, tender, mysterious, and moderate. It is a truly impressive artwork! A blooming rose also has a “soul”, because it is alive.

John Waterhouse drew inspiration from the “Maud” poem by A. Tennyson. All of his feelings and emotional experiences were poured out onto the canvas. A brilliant artwork came to life before our eyes! Look how beautiful these lines are: “Come out into the garden, Maud!” They belong to a young man Charles who is in love with her. Their meeting and fate are tragic. They couldn't stay together. The young man was killed in a duel by Maud’s brother Maud, who did not support his sister’s choice. The girl did not manage to bear the loss, got seriously ill and passed away shortly after this.

The painting depicts a wonderful and effulgent story! Life is shining with all the colors of love! The artist felt one of the phrases of the poem in his soul for a long time, mentally working out a bright female image: “And the glow of a rose entered my chest, filling my whole soul ...” In his work, the artist applied bright saturated colors, warm tones, intermediate shades, light, free strokes and contrasts. The head, bust, hands of a woman, with the gorgeous flowers form the basis of the composition.

Maud came close to the lush, fragrant roses. What a freshness and natural charm they have! She leaned against the stone wall, inhaling the tender fragrance of the charming flower, her eyes are half closed, and the rose touching her lips. A bright blush is on Maud's cheeks, matching the color of the rose petals. How divine is this marvelous moment! The woman’s lush and red hair is combed in a beautiful hairstyle. She is wearing a blue dress, featuring golden ornaments. Everything on the painting is harmonized with a blooming rose bush, adding a youthful beauty to the female image. Maud is taken by her dreams and dreams! She thinks of her beloved Charles. The stone wall symbolizes the hedge to their felicity. But as long as love is alive in her heart, life goes on...

The painting brings wonderful impressions! It gives goodness, tranquility, love, faith, hope, charging one with auspicious energy. It is nice to gaze and think about the good. This artwork would look great in the home interior of the living room, adding aesthetics and harmony to the environment.
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