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Pluck Roses As Soon As Possible, John William Waterhouse - Description of the Painting

Pluck Roses As Soon As Possible - John William Waterhouse. Canvas, oil. 101 x 82.5 cm

The painting titles “Pluck Roses As Soon As Possible” which is a genuine art masterpiece, was written in line with the Pre-Raphaelite, romanticism and symbolism style. Its plot represents a genre scene.

There are two versions of this artwork known, created in 1908 and 1909. The painting is devoted to the fleetness of time, female beauty and the harmony of nature. Everything in this world is interconnected. Life is only a moment, and one needs to do so many things in it: get an occupation, make a family, raise children and grandchildren, and still have the goal in life. The work features a deep philosophical meaning. The artist created it while being under the influence of a poem dedicated to virgins, masterfully written by the poet Robert Herrich. Owing to his poem, the delicately sensing master of the brush created this magnificent canvas! How much of poetry, beauty, and charm are in it!

The girls are picking roses, arranging flowers in a bouquet. They merge with nature, which adds them vitality. Young girls bloom and breathe with it. They are full of youthful beauty, freshness, dew, tenderness, grace, and divine purity. The girls have the notes of carelessness in them, not burdened by anything yet.

The master of the brush encourages viewers to perceive a joy in every moment, enjoying the minutes of youth, love, happiness, and blossom. They will never happen again! With the course of time, one grows old and fades, and eventually everything earthly turns to dust.

In the background there is a river, symbolizing the entire course of life from the beginning to the end. In the distance, among the cedars, two more girls can be observed, young, slim and graceful. One of them is depicted picking flowers among the trees, while the other girl carries a bouquet in her apron. They are in a great mood, and the best is yet to come! In the painting, the iridescent spring colors are applied, bright and saturated with greenery. The artist used contrasts, with the rose tones and shades, as well as the smooth and soft brushstrokes, to idolize female beauty and convey it using the best colors!

A picturesque artwork transmits its light and goodness, love and harmony of the Universe. It is so nice to contemplate and ruminate on eternity. The painting charges one with favorable energy, helping to heal from anxiety and dismay, bringing the psycho-emotional background to normal. The warmth and joy of the picture will make you want to join the girls on the lawn and pick beautiful roses!

This work will definitely be a perfect addition to every interior, giving real inspiration and rest for the soul!
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