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"Girl with peaches", Valentin Serov - Painting Description

"Girl with peaches", Valentin Serov - Painting Description

Girl with Peaches - Valentin Alexandrovich Serov. 1887. Oil on canvas. 85 x 91

The "Girl with Peaches" was created in 1887 by V. Serov and is referred to as one of his most significant canvases. The original name was "Portrait of V.M.", where V.M. denotes Vera Mamontova, the daughter of the famous industrialist S. Mamontov; she was often saw the artist in Abramtsevo, in the estate where the painting was created.

In the future, the name was changed, since in the picture, in fact, was not a portrait of a specific girl, but a real generalized image of youth as such - a cheerful mischievous woman who sat down at the table for a minute. The girl has expressive eyes with a sparkle dancing inside, as if she had conceived some new trick. The pose of the girl itself shows how difficult it is for her to sit at the table even for a short time, how she would break loose and run away to play in the garden. The coldish background of the picture and the strict decor of the room contrasts with a pink blouse and a red bow, set off by the girl's swarthy face, and her dark eyes. The room is imbued with sunshine, emphasized by the soft tones of peaches and leaves, the already yellowing tree outside the window. A delicate blush plays on the girl's cheeks, blending with the peaches nearby.

The heroine's cheerfulness is expressed in light, joyful tones, and the feeling of her purity and tenderness is enhanced by the colors of the white tablecloth and a brightly sparkling silver knife. These individual elements have been combined into a single whole in the picture, enriching the image. Both immediately after its creation, and now, many years later, this work amazes the viewer with its freshness, lightness, warmth and joy.
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